Beyond Stormtooth

The Story So Far, part 1

Joined by War

Eberron, Year of the Galifar Kingdom 998

Three years ago, when the Last War was in its final, terrible months, a handful of brave folk stood up to guide nearly 600 refugees out of the beseiged Karrnathi burg of Irontown.  Led by the disaffected Karrnathi officer Gavriel, they found a passage to the north and safety at the edge of the dwarven Mror holds.

The core group consisted of five companions:

  • The reluctant blacksmith turned-warrior Gazmond organized the refugees' defense during the arduous journey. 
  • Bennu, a scholar and artificer hailing from lands far to the east, provided much needed aid to the wounded.  Her skill with the arcane was matched by her natural compassion.
  • Ravanall, a dwarven rogue and clan outcast, scouted ahead when the road became dangerous. Her irrepressible spirit was a boon to the travellers.
  • The stoic dwarven druid Grauer abandoned his beloved garden, and guided the refugees when the trail became wild.  He made sure they never wanted for food during the cold winter. 
  • The steely-eyed half elf Gavriel, with a knowledge of the land and Karnnath's armies, held the group together and kept them moving, even when all hope seemed lost.

Of the 600 refugees, almost all of them made it to safety across Karnnath's border.  In the years since, four of the companions wandered the lands of northeast Khorvaire, never fully settling down, and always on the lookout for adventure and peril.











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