Beyond Stormtooth

The Story So Far, part 2

An Inturrupted Journey

Eberron, Year of the Galifar Kingdom 998

Month of Lharvion (mid-summer)

Our heroes journeyed southward from the pirate-plagued isles of Lhazaar aboard the Black Bat, a merchant vessel crewed mainly by halflings and captained by Morrigan Tristal.  They were bound for the port of Dralspar, to meet up with Gaz after many years apart.

However, the ship passed close to Stormtooth Isle, and was trapped by supernatual storms, ringing it on all sides.  Being the bravest souls aboard the Bat, our heroes ventured to the isle in hopes of discovering a means of escape.  The half-elf cleric Orin accompanied them.  (Despite his willingness to help, it should be noted that Orin spent most of his time on the island guarding the rowboat.)

Our heroes proved equal to the challenge.  After a rough first encounter with an ochre jelly in a sea cave, and a frantic battle against skeletons in a blade-trapped hallway, they climbed to the island proper, and set about exploring.  They located a hut on an island just off the west coast, and talked to the blind glassblower who lived there.  They learned that a hag controlled the island and the surrounding sea.  Like many a ship before them, the passengers and crew of the Bat had fallen into her clutches.

So our heroes set off toward the east in search of the hag. Fighting their way through the sea caves at the base of the spire where she laired, they defeated  the undead remains of a mercenary troop and battled bloodsucking stirges.  The hag taunted Gavriel in a dream, presenting him with riddles he could not answer.  And they fought off her dark creeper servant whilst clinging to rope bridges in the midst of a howling, summoned hailstorm.

So, battered and bruised, they reached the upper caves, and B'Jal's ritual space: a dormant lava chamber with a domed ceiling, lined with the skulls of sailors and soldiers who had perished on Stormtooth's shores.

Deeds of note: Bennu pries information out of the the glassblower, while Gav resorts to threats; Gavriel nearly dies fighting the undead mercanaries; stirge attack, ending in a conflagration started by a liberal application of rum







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