Beyond Stormtooth

The Story So Far: part 3

The Hag's Demise

Eberron, Year of the Galifar Kingdom 998

Month of Lharvion (mid-summer)

The chamber resounded with the clap of thunder and the crackling of frost as our heroes battled the hag.  Weak wraiths, drawn from the skulls overhead, crowded around to slow their movements, and the hag's dark creeper servant lurked at the edges, striking when he could. 

Defiant to the end, she lashed at them with all of psychic and thunder powers in her arsenal.  Gavriel went down briefly; by the time the chamber was silent, and Ravanall's blade found the hag's heart, all four heroes were stretched nearly to their limits.

Bennu appropriated the hag's thundering wand, and the heroes also took away a mysterious object hanging on a cord around her neck: a withered, mummified hand.  Unable to figure out its purpose, they pocketed it for future examination.

They spent some time exploring the other upper chambers.  A number of undead rat-men toiled at tasks the hag had set for them; the pitiful creatures were left to work in darkness.  In an act of mercy, the heroes took the time to shatter the skulls lining B'Jal's chamber, releasing any still-trapped souls.  And in a memorable but brief excapade, Ravanall stole the jewelled eyes from a trapped statue, then ran for her life as waves of rats snapped at her heels.

So, the Black Bat freed and the hag dead, our heroes continued their journey.  Accompanying them were the freed glassblower and Orin.

Deeds of note: another near-death experience for Gavriel; Grauer vs. the hag; Ravanall wisely choosing flight over fight against the rats and earning her gems

Loot of note: thunderwave wand +1 (Bennu), luckblade dagger +1 (Ravanall),  pouncing beast hide armor +1 (Grauer), mummified hand

Advancement: Level 2



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