B'Jal, Howling Hag

Cruel and enigmatic, the hag B'Jal trapped ships passing too close to her island.


What little is known about the howling hag B'Jal is below.  This has been pieced together from the reports of our heroes – the only known survivors of Stormtooth Island.

Some time in the last 100 years, B'Jal arrived on Stormtooth with a group of mercenaries known as the Red Band.  She had filled their ears with promises of a long-abandoned dragon horde.  All they found were the island's semi-primitive inhabitants, a race of rat-men.

B'Jal trapped the Band on the island with storm-magic, and coerced them into clearing out the rat-men and setting up her abode.  The mercenaries perished on the island; it is unclear what exactly transpired, but it is apparent that she eventually turned their captain, Sarnath, against the remaining soldiers.  He and his lieutenants slaughtered most of the Red Band before a revolt could take place.  For this, he was damned to undeath.

B'Jal trapped many passing ships over the years, ringing them in with storms.   Her magic also employed the skulls of the dead, both as observation devices and as prisons for the ghosts of drowned sailors and soldiers.  Before our heroes finally destroyed her, B'Jal indicated that she was expecting a half-elven traveller to visit, and he would answer three riddles to prove his identity. 

None of the heroes seemed to fit the bill.  With her demise, the mystery of the riddles and the half-elven traveller remains unsolved.




B'Jal, Howling Hag

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